Do you rely solely on advertising and word of mouth to recruit? Don’t think you can afford the help of a nonprofit executive search firm?

Our nonprofit executive search services are extremely affordable and in most cases you pay NOTHING unless you hire from us. Review our 5 search options below and contact us to discuss our fees and services.  Also, be sure to review our search and client list.



The first of our executive search solutions most closely resembles the work of a traditional search firm . . . just at a lower cost. In a short time, we identify, engage and screen two kinds of candidates on your behalf, active & passive.

  1. Active Candidates – At around 16% of the total candidate pool, this group is comprised of the unemployed as well as those who are working but are actively applying to employment ads.
  2. Passive Candidates – At around 55% of the total candidate pool, this group is comprised of professionals who would consider your job but are not actively pursuing a change and therefore are NOT aware of your search. Because most nonprofits rely heavily on ads, this exceptional pool of talent is often not included in a hiring decision.

We then review resumes, screen the applicable candidates and submit only the best of those who apply.


Our second executive search option allows you to save even more money without sacrificing quality.

In this solution, we conduct all of the recruitment activities that allow you to reach the largest possible candidate pool (active as well as passive candidates) and spare you the time of organizing, managing and reviewing the enormous influx of resumes we receive from our extensive outreach. Instead of getting the resumes of all who apply, you’ll only receive the most applicable after we’ve carefully reviewed and assessed them for fit.


Our third executive search option offers the greatest savings and primarily focuses on the first half of the recruitment process: the sourcing of active and passive candidates. When all you need is increased candidate volume to review, this is your best choice and is perfect for nonprofits with HR staff, a rigorous and well planned internal hiring process or a small recruitment budget.

If your current efforts are failing to attract the right people, we can help reach nearly 75% of possible candidates giving you access to people that would not have been available otherwise.

OPTION 4 (Select-ONE Solution™):

Why buy the whole car when you only need a tire? Whether it’s the time savings of resume management and review or the expertise of passive candidate sourcing, our Select-ONE executive search option gives you the freedom to select the one piece of the search process you need. For one low flat fee, our Select-ONE Solution ensures your search is as thorough as possible without incurring the cost of a full search.

OPTION 5 (Post Unlimited Jobs):


Can’t afford an executive search firm? Simply looking to advertise your job?   Post unlimited jobs all year long for a one-time flat fee of $100.  Whether you have 1 job or 1000 jobs, with an unlimited annual membership, your nonprofit can post them all for only $100. CLICK HERE to learn more.